Sunday, May 16, 2010

How To use Body Language to Flirt

Body language is the unspoken or non-verbal mode of communication that we use in every single aspect of our interaction with another person. It is like a mirror that tell us what the other person thinks and feels in response to our words or action. Body language involves gestures, mannerisms and other bodily signs.The ability to use body language in a positive way and to read other people's minds through their body language separates the men from the boys or women from girls.

It is important to know if people are interested in what you are saying otherwise, you are just wasting your time. You need to learn The Secret Body Language Guide For Women. and men

Male and female courtship signals are have been studied to be completely unconscious. The more you consciously understand the signals, the better and more successful you will be when courting the object of your desire, be it a man or woman of your dreams.

To master the art of successful flirting, you have to feel good about yourself first. Be confident, be yourself or else you will look deceitful or desperate. Allow your body to attract the opposite sex. Picture in your head how you can make the other person feel good. Flirting can help you make friends or impress a client if you can make yourself approachable. How To Flirt With Women works best when you are patient thus you will have room for improvement if you fail at first attempt, try different approaches till you realize what works best for you.Don't give up! You may practice with your best pals to test your skill.

Here are some tips on How To Flirt With Women you can use to catch the eye of your potential love.

1. Smile sincerely and frequently but don't over flog it so you wont look stupid and embarrass yourself. Remember the school of thought that says 'Smiling is the simplest, most obvious and most powerful of the body language commandments. It conveys both instantly and clearly, many wonderful things about yourself. It demonstrates confidence, friendliness, a positive attitude, a good mood and it gives impression that you are someone who is, most likely, fun to be with. It's also very difficult to ignore'.

2. Have a sense of humor. People love to be with those who can turn any situation into a funny setting. By so doing, you leave an indelible impression that will be relived long after you are out of the scene.

3. Maintain eye contact.Your eyes are the most expressive parts of your body. When you look at your dear one constantly, you are expressing sincere intentions. she would naturally feel more comfortable in your company.

4. Pick-Up Lines That Work.. Most pick-up lines are just stale closed-ended statements. Take for instance the pick-up line: "Baby I'm no Fred Flinstone, but I can make your Bedrock." This type of statement pick-up line doesn't make it easy for a girl to respond. When a pick-up line is in the form of a question it fosters conversation. For example, if you use the pick-up line "Do I look fat in these jeans?" you make it very easy for the girl to engage in conversation.

5. Nod your head. By so doing, you signify interest in what your party is doing and thus give reassurance that you are in support.

6. Be open, physically. Do not cross your arms across the chest or hold obstructive objects between both of you. It does not convey openness.

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