Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Being proud of your color

How does it feel to hate your person, I mean your color, what makes up the you in you?

These are questions i asked myself upon watching Tyra's show today and a guest Jena, out rightly hates the fact that she is black. She sees herself as white being a biracial person. Her father is white and the mum black. She looks down on anything black because she believes whites are more superior. She never gave a reason for adopting such concept about her color but I wonder if you can help her out to analyze her ideology.

Do you agree with her? What can you make out of this action or reaction to her race? How long will she continue to deny the obvious?

Please forward your opinion.

Monday, August 30, 2010





Friday, July 16, 2010

Sexuality Tips

Sex & Aging

Having a positive attitude...

We are all victims of the harmful attitudes towards older people in our society. As we age, we will have to deal with the preconceptions which now exist. Now is the time to address harmful stereotypes and insure that elderly people in the future do not have to live with the prejudices that affect them today.

Societal attitudes toward sexuality in later life are troubling. A great number believe that far fewer mature men and women have sex than actually do. Many feel that after a certain age, sexuality becomes an insignificant or indifferent part of life. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Most older people experience some interest in sexual intimacy. Many people are sexually intimate well into their 80s and beyond. We do not all of a sudden become asexual beings; our capacity for sexual intimacy will be with us our entire lives. The real differences that exist lie in the way sexuality is expressed. Most anything can be a turn-on at 20, but at 60, after years of sexual experience, expressions of sexuality are more refined, more evolved. The act can be at this time can be a masterwork after years study.

What is the purpose of sex in later life?

As we all approach later life, two of the things which brought us the greatest joy - our children and/or our careers - are no longer as prevalent in our every day. This means that our personal relationships take on an increased importance. It is a way of solidifying our relationship with our partner and taking refuge from the sometimes harsh reality of the world. Sex is a way to affirm the love of life. It is an expression of the satisfaction gained from the present. It expresses the closeness of our deepest relationships and is an important measure of the quality of life.


More and more women these days are openly advocating the use of vibrators during masturbation to heighten levels of pleasure.

The external female genitals are called the vulva. Pubic hair grows on the labia majora or outer vaginal lips; inside are the labia minora, which are pinker and moister. If your own genitals are not familiar to you, you might examine them in a hand mirror while bathing or showering. The clitoris is found where the labia minora join at the top. This highly sensitive pink knob is about the size of a pea and is protected by a hood, which retracts during sexual arousal. Below the clitoris is the tiny opening of the urethra, through which urine passes, and below that is the opening to the vagina.

Masturbation is best when you have plenty of time and when you won't be interrupted. Go somewhere private, quiet and warm. Beyond that, it's completely up to you: some women like to lie on their back, some on their front; some like their legs pressed tightly together, while others like them spread wide apart or propped above the body. Using a lubricant can help while you explore with your fingers or an object such as a vibrator. Experimentation is the key.

If masturbation is the key form of enjoyment for you, then Have Fun

Safe Sex

Sex safety doesn't end with condoms...

Safer sex does not just entail wearing a condom, but also includes keeping clean, knowing what to avoid and making the right decisions.

Keeping clean

Practicing safer sex is indeed much more involved than simply wearing a condom. Couples must be conscious of the potential dangers and avoid engaging in risky behavior.

There are a number of fluids involved in sex - urine, feces, semen, vaginal secretions, saliva, and blood - fluids with which either partner can come into contact through the course of virtually any form of sexual activity. Many of these fluids are excellent carriers of disease, and should be handled with care.

* Never have vaginal sex after anal sex without washing first. The feces carry many organisms that can infect the vagina, and can be transferred by a penis, dildo, mouth or finger like a bee transfers pollen. Wash well or use a different condom to make sure you don't cause infection.
* Never share condoms, dildos or sex toys. A condom should only ever be used once. If you do plan to use a sex toy or dildo that was used by someone else, remember to wash it well with soap and water. If you are really unsure, you can even use bleach to clean these items, and rinse them extremely well, or put a condom over the object.
* Always wash well before anal play. Anal play is safer if you wash the anus and surrounding area with soap and water beforehand. It is also recommended that you defecate (have a bowel movement) well before you begin.
* Always wash towels and bedsheets. Some STDs (such as scabies) can be transmitted through fabric. Never reuse towels used to wash up after sex as a hand or face towel; just throw any towels straight into the laundry, or use bathroom tissue.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

How To use Body Language to Flirt

Body language is the unspoken or non-verbal mode of communication that we use in every single aspect of our interaction with another person. It is like a mirror that tell us what the other person thinks and feels in response to our words or action. Body language involves gestures, mannerisms and other bodily signs.The ability to use body language in a positive way and to read other people's minds through their body language separates the men from the boys or women from girls.

It is important to know if people are interested in what you are saying otherwise, you are just wasting your time. You need to learn The Secret Body Language Guide For Women. and men

Male and female courtship signals are have been studied to be completely unconscious. The more you consciously understand the signals, the better and more successful you will be when courting the object of your desire, be it a man or woman of your dreams.

To master the art of successful flirting, you have to feel good about yourself first. Be confident, be yourself or else you will look deceitful or desperate. Allow your body to attract the opposite sex. Picture in your head how you can make the other person feel good. Flirting can help you make friends or impress a client if you can make yourself approachable. How To Flirt With Women works best when you are patient thus you will have room for improvement if you fail at first attempt, try different approaches till you realize what works best for you.Don't give up! You may practice with your best pals to test your skill.

Here are some tips on How To Flirt With Women you can use to catch the eye of your potential love.

1. Smile sincerely and frequently but don't over flog it so you wont look stupid and embarrass yourself. Remember the school of thought that says 'Smiling is the simplest, most obvious and most powerful of the body language commandments. It conveys both instantly and clearly, many wonderful things about yourself. It demonstrates confidence, friendliness, a positive attitude, a good mood and it gives impression that you are someone who is, most likely, fun to be with. It's also very difficult to ignore'.

2. Have a sense of humor. People love to be with those who can turn any situation into a funny setting. By so doing, you leave an indelible impression that will be relived long after you are out of the scene.

3. Maintain eye contact.Your eyes are the most expressive parts of your body. When you look at your dear one constantly, you are expressing sincere intentions. she would naturally feel more comfortable in your company.

4. Pick-Up Lines That Work.. Most pick-up lines are just stale closed-ended statements. Take for instance the pick-up line: "Baby I'm no Fred Flinstone, but I can make your Bedrock." This type of statement pick-up line doesn't make it easy for a girl to respond. When a pick-up line is in the form of a question it fosters conversation. For example, if you use the pick-up line "Do I look fat in these jeans?" you make it very easy for the girl to engage in conversation.

5. Nod your head. By so doing, you signify interest in what your party is doing and thus give reassurance that you are in support.

6. Be open, physically. Do not cross your arms across the chest or hold obstructive objects between both of you. It does not convey openness.

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Big Cash Surveys

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Monday, May 10, 2010

First Date Tips : Tips on Reading Body Language

First date tips - How to enjoy a first date

Are you dating anyone right now? Are you enjoying the relationship? What do you think it takes to have a perfect dating that won't break your bones? This tip would help, tell me what you think?

Dating Videos: Can a relationship last without having sex?

Manager's Performance Equation

Managing Performance for many managers is the holy grail – how exactly do you get a disparate group of team members working effectively together to achieve common goals and still keep them motivated?

One area we are always trying to improve is the way people perform on the job, and it is vital that we understand the elements that make up an individual’s performance so we can
influence them and, ideally, set some parameters for them to work around.

That is where the Performance Equation comes in, and its applicability is so generic, it can be discussed and utilised in virtually any industry and with any individual.

The Equation is: Performance = (K plus S) divided by I multiplied by A

The Performance Equation states there are four elements that are common to all human performance:

Knowledge (K) and Skills (S) - The Ability to Perform

To achieve high performance, individuals must know how to do the job (their knowledge) and be able to do the job (their skills).
The gaining of knowledge and skills creates the ability for individuals, teams, and organizations to perform to an acceptable and, consequently, higher level.

Interference (I) - The Opportunity to Perform

To achieve high performance, people must have the opportunity to use their ability to perform. Interference amounts to those aspects of a business’ infrastructure and culture that hinder
the use of ability. A training program to develop teamwork, for example, may be useless if an aggressive culture and negative attitudes exist within the team, as participants learn that,
"This is not the way we do things around here!"

Attitude (A) - The Willingness to Perform

To achieve high performance, people must be willing to use their knowledge and skills and willing to overcome the Interference that will block their performance. Attitudes, the fourth element
of performance, determine if people are willing to use their existing abilities, are willing to develop new abilities, and are willing to overcome the interference to their performance. As
Henry Ford said, "If you think you can, or you think you can't, you’re right!" So, individual attitudes are a basic element of all human performance.

The relationship between the elements of performance has a tremendous effect on results. When ability and willingness are met with opportunity, dramatic and sustainable performance can be

Think about how you perform as a manager. Do you know the knowledge and skills your people need to achieve their goal? Have you worked on the interferences that exist within your team, so
that you achieve your goals without having to force change on the team? Do you have the attitude that sets the example of what you are looking for?

The performance equation will help you achieve the department goals because it sets your people up for success.

TIP - Measuring Performance the Right Way


Measuring performance can play a vital role in improving your business – but how many times has it caused major problems for you?.

Measuring performance in your business unit can give you lots of information about how close you are to achieving your goals. It can give you real
results as to whether your training, teamwork and other improvement initiatives are getting you the results you really want.

But it can also affect morale, hit team effectiveness and influence quality improvement efforts. Let’s take a look at three ways it could affect your business:

Too myopic:

You may be looking too closely at internal measurements, like IT, HR and how the accounts are going. This often means you are taking your eye off the most important ball:
the customer focus.We should firstly look at what’s important to the customer, through focus groups, surveys and simply talking to them.
Then, the next step is how we structure ourselves to serve the customer needs. Then how do we serve the internal staff who are serving those customers?
We should be measuring our effectiveness in how we offer support to the support functions. Then the internal functions will have the foundations to support the customer.

Take the performance measurement from this angle and it creates greater visibility for your internal staff.

Too much attention to the bottom line:

Everything you’ve done is in the past. The bottom line shows today's consequences of yesterday's actions, but it’s not a reliable forecaster of how today's decisions will affect tomorrow's results.

You can’t turn back time. It’s history. Improvement starts by identifying and measuring the few service or product processes and support systems that have
the biggest impact on your results.
Don’t drive forwards while looking in the rear-view mirror. Let the current results be an indicator of your future strategy. The present creates the future.

It’s not what; it’s how!

Just as important as what's measured is how the information is used. Most companies look at who is at fault rather than what went wrong in the process.
Look closer at how things are completed, how the process is measured, rather than who might be to blame.

Improvement happens by assisting people in your business analyse and improve key processes and support systems.
What the indicators say are much less important than what's being done with the information.

Performance measurements are often used simply to justify managers’ existence in the business. But measurements that don't lead to action are useless and a waste of time.

Measurement is an essential tool for improving your business. But choose the right tools and use them wisely to increase youreffectiveness.